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Commonly Asked Questions:

Do I have to be home for my house to be cleaned by Dirt ‘B’ Gone?
No, you have the option to be present during the cleaning or you may opt to provide our cleaners with access. Keys may be made available to our cleaners. You may also keep alarm systems on while providing us with access codes or you may leave them off until we are complete with cleaning. In order to send out a cleaning crew without you or an adult being present, you must sign and return the home entry consent form.


If I provide keys to my home, how are my keys protected?
If we are provided with a key to your home it is securely locked in a key storage which is only accessible to the Dirt ‘B’ Gone Management Team. The key is issued to the crew leader on your scheduled cleaning day and is returned at the end of day after all cleaning has been completed. Keys are numbered and have no personal or address information associated with them.

How many people should I expect to clean my house?
Our cleaning crews typically work in crews of two, with one cleaner as a Crew Leader/Supervisor. As a quality assurance practice, a Field Supervisor may accompany our crew to assist, manage or inspect.


What are your rates, how much should I expect to pay?
Our cleaning rates are based on the size and condition of the home to be cleaned. We recommend contacting us for a FREE estimate. Upon examining the area to be cleaned at visit time, you will be advised of any change in rates or recommendations.

How do I pay and what types of payment do you accept?
Payment is due upon completion of cleaning. Recurring scheduled cleanings may make other arrangements. We accept cash, personal check, credit card as well as debit at the door. Please advise us when booking your service if you will not be present so that we may make payment arrangement prior to cleaning. All services are subject to applicable sales taxes.


What service guarantee do you have?
100% satisfaction is our guarantee for all cleaning work. If you are unsatisfied with the work we have completed, please call our office within 24 hours of your cleaning. We will make every effort to correct any problems and re-clean your home to your satisfaction at no cost to you.


How are your cleaners trained and supervised?
Our cleaners are trained according to hospitality industry standards. We frequently train to reinforce and educate on new products and best practices. Each crew includes a Crew Leader to see that all requests are met and cleaned according to our high standards. A Field Supervisor is sometimes present as a third person to evaluate the service provided.

Who provides the cleaning supplies and tools?
Our crews will always arrive prepared to clean your home with the highest quality cleaning supplies. The only supplies or equipment you would be asked to provide is if you have a request for a specific brand.

Can the same crew clean my home if I have recurring service?
Based on scheduling and demand, we do our best to keep the same crew for you. Our goal is to familiarize our crew with your home to provide the highest quality cleaning service to you.

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